Lora Carlisle

Keller Williams

There are still miracles in Boerne, besides the fact that it finally rained last night! My computer had some terrible virus on it that was causing all kinds of problems and Rodney came in, put his magic powers to work and it was gone and now my computer is working great. He brought Amy’s computer back to life long enough

Sarah Hamilton

The Oaks

I was experiencing an annoying problem with my computer for over a year when I finally decided to call Rodney for help. He came out to my office and in no time at all, the problem was fixed! I wish I had called him sooner. If you want prompt, professional service from a knowledgeable computer expert, call Rodney Sees.

Bryden Moon

Valued Customer

Everything is working well! Rodney: Once again thank you...everything is working well! The printer you suggested is an outstanding upgrade. Pam worked with me on the tech support transfer today. Completely used to the screen size. Also the storage will be plenty...currently 268 GB free and Carbonite has only 19 GB backed up. Thanks again. Bryden

Sister Bernadine Reyes

Benedictine Sisters of Boerne

We have trusted Accurate Computer Solutions, LLC (ACS) with all our computer needs since April, 2015.  From small to large jobs, from wireless to networking, and from hardware to software needs, ACS has exceeded our expectations for IT services and customer care. We recently moved into a new 17,483 square foot Monastery and office complex.  ACS owner, Rodney Sees, worked with our contractor to ensure our computer needs were met.  On the day of the move, ACS was there to help move and set-up all our computers.  The transition was made without a glitch. ACS has proven over and over again that it is a reliable, tech savvy company built on integrity and solid principles.  We value the strong working partnership that we have built with the ACS team.

Chuck Oaks

Thank you for checking with me. All is well. I ordered a new enclosure for the external HD. Works great! Awesome service!

Sandra Epinger

Everything is working perfectly. I have told so many of my friends about your good service. I will definitely use you again if needed.

Karl Eggerss

CEO, Eggerss Capital Management

Accurate Computer Solutions, LLC has been a godsend when it comes to IT. After spending thousands of dollars and still not having my IT problems solved, I was introduced to Rodney and his team. They didn't leave until they solved the problem. And, they have fair pricing as well. Rodney is by far the most efficient and smartest IT person I've worked with since I've had my company.

Natalie Meadlin

Brock Upham & Yost PLLC

Rodney and Forrest are great at what they do - they know their stuff! My employer has been using Rodney for several years and I have used his company personally as well. The guys are very responsive, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend them for your computer/IT service needs.